Heamatology Treatment

Heamatology Treatment Centre Mumbai


Haemotology deals with the study of blood, the organs involved in blood production, anemia, blood cancers, bleeding disorders and blood clotting disorders. It covers the biochemical and physiological aspects of blood. Hematology involves knowledge of the blood cells such as Red Cells, White Cells and their diseased state.

Common test In Haemotology

We offer the full spectrum of advanced procedures for the following heart disorders:

  • Full Blood Counts /Blood Films
  • Bone Marrow Biopsies
  • Haemolytic Test
  • Coagulation Test
  • Molecular studies

Blood Count is commonly prescribed by doctors as part of the medical examination. This test is done to check whether there is any increase or decrease in the numbers of blood cells from normal level.

Our Proud Achievements

  • First open heart surgery-bypass (CABG) on beating heart of Raigad & Konkan area.
  • First valve replacement surgery of Raigad & Konkan area.
  • Pediatric cardiac surgeries like ASD/VSD/PDA closure and TOF correction for the first time in Raigad & Konkan area.
  • More than 700 open heart surgeries done in three years.
  • More than 400 pediatric cardiac surgeries and procedures.
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